The Scorpion Exo-710 Air review: a great value, sporty fibreglass full face helmet.
The Scorpion Exo-710 Air is a fibreglass-shelled full face helmet, designed with a nod towards the sportier side of riding.

That’s because there’s a nice large visor on there that’s suitable for the more ‘lean-forward’ type of riding position that you’ll find on a sports bike and because it’s been aerodynamically sculpted to reduce buffeting and wind resistance. It’s not an out-and-out full-on track helmet, but if you ride with your head tucked down from time to time and upright the rest, it might well be a good fit for you.

The 710 Air is available at a very attractive price point too, which puts this well-featured fibreglass helmet within the reach of most folks, whether using it for a daily commute all the way to a touring holiday.

Here’s what the Scorpion Exo-710 Air offers and what owners think of theirs.

  • Fibreglass full face helmet
  • SHARP 3 star rated
  • Snell tested/certified
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Air adjustable cheek pads
  • Pinlock Max Vision included
  • Double-D ring fastener
  • 1.35Kg (3lbs) – that’s light
  • 3 shell sizes
  • 5 Year warranty
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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 29 × 33 cm