JUST1 IRIS goggles comes from race experience in the most challenging off-road environments.

Our intention is to create a mask with cutting-edge design, accurate eye port integration and technical specifications.

JUST1’s Outrigger System distributes pressure evenly for the best possible fit.
JUST1’s variable density face foams utilizes moisture wicking fleece that provides a perfect goggle-to-face fit, sealing out the elements while providing hours of riding comfort.
Protection and perfect fit for those who wear glasses.
Removeable nose guard which integrates with the frame to guarantee stability and protection in all conditions.
Lens made in Italy: anti-fog, anti-UV and scratch resistant lenses for superior optics.
Quick and easy lens interchangeability.
Lens designed to fit Roll Off System.
45mm wide strap, silicon coated strap to eliminate slippage.
CE-EN-1938 Approved.

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