Thermoplastic External shell
Removable and washable liner
Removable and washable cheek pads
Helmet interior anatomically designed
Painted and UV-coated outer shell
lower edges with protection rubber
Adjustable peak
Ventilation system
Double-D closure

60633201120013.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLUE/FLUO YEL/BLK M
60633201120014.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLUE/FLUO YEL/BLK L
60633201130012.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLUE/RED/WHITE S
60633201130013.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLUE/RED/WHITE M
60633201130014.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLUE/RED/WHITE L
60633201510013.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE ORANGE/BLACK M
60633201510014.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE ORANGE/BLACK L
60633201910012.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLK/YEL/RED/BLUE S
60633201910013.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLK/YEL/RED/BLUE M
60633201910014.00 JUST1 J38 BLADE BLK/YEL/RED/BLUE L

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 41 × 29 × 33 cm


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